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Uniqueness of DMG

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  • Uniqueness of DMG

    "We aspire to be the leader in our industry, offering services that are underpinned by reliability and professionalism and solutions which are tailor-made to the requirements of our...



At Globus, we believe that our people constitute one of our most important assets. It is our belief that exceptional client service can only be delivered by exceptional people.  It is our people that make Globus successful in its business relationships with clients.  The quality, enthusiasm and commitment of all our people are the cornerstones of our current and future successes. Our people are composed of high calibre professionals of diverse backgrounds, interests and aspirations. Yet, we share a common professional culture, common goals and a strong belief in the individual. This gives Globus an excellent, highly professional working environment that is client service excellence oriented.

DMG is strongly committed to equal employment and to the benefits that come from a diverse workforce. We recruit, employ, train, compensate, and promote without regard to race, religion, creed, colour, citizenship, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, disability or any other legally protected basis, in accordance with applicable local laws.

DMG will not tolerate or condone any form of discriminatory treatment or harassment of any employee.

The Company believes that outstanding client service can only be delivered through its highly competent and high-calibre employees. For this reason, the Company is committed to selecting candidates with skills, knowledge, attitudes, attributes and behaviours that fit and support the values and objectives of DMG

  • Our strength lies in the ethos of our organization and a culture based on traditional values of service, honour and integrity. Our confidence stems from the passion and expertise of our people.
  • Our staff come from various disciplines such as Accountaning, Business Administration and Economics but their training continues within the firm so as to be able to familiarise themselves with the culture of the organisation and be able to work as part of the DMG team.

    Globus considers such in house training of utmost importance and therefore only in exceptional cases are people recruited at higher levels within the organisation.


  • Globus has been awarded Authorised Training Employer for the ICAEW, ACCA Platinum Approved Employer, ACCA Approved employer Practising certificate and Approved Employer professional development in recognition of the support, training and development it offers to ACA and ACCA trainees and qualified accountants.

ACCA/ACA Trainee Accountants

Upon satisfactory completion of the first 6 months of employment employees may join the company’s training scheme for ACCA/ACA trainee accountants provided they are proposed by their team manager and the proposal is approved by the operations committee.  Once approved by the operations committee the individual will be required to sign a training contract with the company.

Trainee accountants who have signed a training contract with the company are provided with full support to undertake study programmes and sit exams.  The company undertakes to pay the total cost of the following fees for each exam paper being attempted for the first time Study courses and revision courses led by external expert tuition providers whether by correspondence, day release, block release, evening, weekend or in-house.  The company undertakes to pay or reimburse the total cost of exam entry fees for each exam paper being attempted for the first time

  • to pay or reimburse the total cost of ACCA/ACA and SELK subscription fees each year
  • to provide paid study leave for each exam paper being attempted for the first time in addition to the exam day and mock exam day. 
  • The company undertakes to provide the student a mentor of suitable qualifications and experience either a team supervisor or manager who is familiar with the individual’s work and training who will support the student through the exams. 

Trainee accountants who have signed training contract with the company will be obliged

  • Not to terminate the Employment earlier than two years after the date of the Successful Completion of the Exams, otherwise they will reimburse the company the full amount of the costs which the Company has incurred from the date of commencement of the Employment until the date of the termination of Employment.

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